Elevating IKEA's Marketing Game

Utilizing Computer Vision, Low-Level GoPro API, and FFMPEG Container Pipeline to Create YouTube Videos from Physical Kitchen Gathering

Industry: Retail
What we did:
  • Concept validation
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • GoPro integration
  • Youtube integration
  • FFMPEG development
  • DevOps
ikea case study

IKEA, a leading furniture retailer, established a physical kitchen hub in the heart of Warsaw, fostering a sense of community around cooking and quality time. Seeking to enhance their marketing strategy, they approached our software house with a unique idea:

Capturing these cooking sessions using GoPro cameras and transforming them into shareable YouTube videos.

Participants' cooking adventures would become personalized videos with random introductions and endings, ensuring a delightful, surprising experience. This innovative approach aimed to create a viral marketing sensation, extending the spirit of kitchen gatherings to a global audience.


The project presented several challenges, including efficient video processing, seamless integration with GoPro cameras, secure storage of raw footage, and automated video publication on YouTube. The goal was to create a scalable solution that ensured a smooth and personalized experience for each participant.

ikea case study

Tech Stack

With this advanced technological stack, we not only met but exceeded IKEA's marketing goals, turning their kitchen gatherings into unforgettable viral sensations.


At the core of our solution, we harnessed the power of FFmpeg, an open-source software suite for multimedia data manipulation. FFmpeg ensured high-quality video processing for each personalized video.

FFmpeg Docker Containers:

To streamline and scale our video processing pipeline, we utilized Docker containers running FFmpeg. This containerization made every step of the processing workflow easily manageable and scalable.

Low-Level GoPro API:

For authentic footage, we integrated the low-level GoPro API, granting direct access to GoPro cameras and preserving the essence of each kitchen gathering.

Google Cloud Storage:

Securely storing and managing raw video footage was crucial. Google Cloud Storage served as a robust foundation for housing video assets, making them accessible for further transformations.


Golang (Go) served as the orchestration and control center of our video processing pipeline, efficiently managing and coordinating various processing steps for a seamless workflow.

YouTube API:

To publish personalized videos on YouTube, we integrated the YouTube API, simplifying the sharing of processed videos and allowing participants to share their cooking experiences effortlessly.

Drupal CMS:

To create an engaging online presence for the project, we employed the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). It offered an event homepage where marketing materials and the latest videos were elegantly presented, providing participants and viewers a central hub for project-related content.

Through the synergy of these technologies, we created a dynamic, scalable, and personalized video processing pipeline that brought IKEA's marketing concept to life Each participant received a unique and shareable video, turning their kitchen gatherings into unforgettable viral sensations. Notably, we completed the project within just three weeks from receiving the initial brief, showcasing our ability to deliver under tight timelines.

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This project exemplifies how the strategic use of Computer Vision, well-orchestrated pipelines, and contemporary internet platforms can yield remarkable results, emphasizing the limitless potential of our creative imagination in technological innovation.

Working with Meant4.com felt like a real partnership, where their excellent skills in software development truly made our project shine. Their team's dedication and expertise were evident at every step.

Jakub Kaliciński CTO Kalicinscy.com 2023

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