Bridging the Gap between Buyers and Vendors

Empowering Buyers with Automated Project Brief Generation through Generative AI and Machine Learning

Industry: B2B Services
What we did:
  • Project Managment
  • Fronted development
  • Backend development
  • Vue.js
  • Python
  • Django Ninja
  • Research & Development
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In today's competitive market landscape, effective communication between buyers and vendors is essential for successful collaborations. However, articulating project requirements and expectations can often be a challenging task for buyers, leading to misunderstandings and inefficiencies in the procurement process. Recognizing this critical need, we are thrilled to introduce our latest project developed in collaboration with

an innovative solution aimed at bridging the gap between buyers and vendors through automated project brief generation powered by Generative AI and Machine Learning

In our quest to revolutionize the collaboration between buyers and vendors, we embarked on a journey fueled by innovation and cutting-edge technology. Leveraging a combination of Django and Django Ninja frameworks for backend development, alongside GRPC and REST APIs for seamless communication, we laid the foundation for a robust and scalable platform. Our choice of Vue.js wizard for the frontend ensured an intuitive user experience, guiding buyers through the project brief generation process effortlessly.

At the heart of our solution lies the powerful GPT model, a state-of-the-art language generation model developed by OpenAI. Integrated seamlessly into our platform, the GPT model utilizes advanced natural language processing techniques to understand and generate project briefs based on user inputs. This transformative technology empowers buyers with automated project brief generation, streamlining the communication process and enhancing collaboration with vendors.

Tech Stack

Django & Django Ninja:

Django is a high-level Python web framework designed for rapid development and clean, pragmatic design, offering a comprehensive toolkit for creating scalable and maintainable web applications. Django Ninja is an extension for Django, aimed at building APIs more efficiently with type annotations, enhancing execution speed, code quality, and reducing boilerplate code.

Grpc & REST:

gRPC is a high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework that uses HTTP/2 as its transport protocol, enabling efficient communication between services with support for multiple languages, which makes it ideal for building distributed systems and microservices architectures. REST, on the other hand, is an architectural style for designing networked applications that rely on stateless, client-server communication, using HTTP methods to operate on resources, known for its simplicity and scalability in building web services and APIs.


Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications, known for its ease of integration, reactive components, and a flexible ecosystem that enhances the development experience.


TypeScript is a programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft that is a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript, adding optional static typing to the language. It can help with catching errors early through its type system, enhancing code quality and maintainability, and facilitating development for large-scale applications by providing better tooling support and documentation through types.


Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, simplifying container management and providing a framework for running distributed systems resiliently.

GPT model:

The GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed for understanding and generating human-like text, leveraging deep learning techniques to produce contextually relevant text based on the input provided, enhancing applications in natural language processing and generation

Furthermore, our deployment on Kubernetes (K8s) infrastructure ensures scalability, reliability, and efficient resource management, guaranteeing optimal performance even under heavy workloads. Through the strategic combination of these technologies, we have successfully bridged the gap between buyers and vendors, empowering buyers with the tools they need to articulate their project requirements effectively and facilitating smoother collaborations in the digital age.

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Generative AI models

Our partnership with yielded a groundbreaking achievement: automated project brief generation completed within an impressive eight-week window. Embracing agile project management principles, we orchestrated seamless execution from backend to frontend. Harnessing advanced technology like AI-driven GPT models, we redefined buyer-vendor communication. This project exemplifies our dedication to excellence and innovation. Furthermore, we continuously monitor the project to adapt to evolving consumer needs, ensuring its ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

Clutch's Project Brief came to life as a result of creative problem solving and collaboration with Meant4's engineers. Generative AI was a relatively new concept when the project started, and the team had to brainstorm quickly about the best way to incorporate AI so Project Brief would be a truly helpful tool for buyers of B2B services. Clutch's partnership with Meant4 exemplifies the power of teamwork and resulted in a solution that revolutionizes the procurement process

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