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Oleksandr Bazyliuk
Oleksandr Bazyliuk
When and why to use Drupal 9 multisite?
What is a Drupal multisite ? “Drupal has a feature that allows separate, independent sites to be served from a single codebase. Each site has its own database, configuration, files, and base domain or URL." Drupal is so powerful and modern that it allows you to run many websites on the same codebase. This is what multisite is all about. Just a few content management systems allow you to run multiple sites from one CMS.
May 08, 2022
6 min read
Web Development
Oleksandr Bazyliuk
Oleksandr Bazyliuk
Create a custom theme in a simple way in Drupal 9
The theme of a website has much more influence than you might think. After all, the theme is not only the site's color or typography. Additionally, it's about brand awareness and user experience. It is often the reason people stay longer on your site and become clients. With Drupal 9, you can create your own theme and stand out from the crowd. Drupal 9's core frontend theme is Bartik.