Build, Validate, Improve, Deploy, Innovate, Pivot

Do you need an agile approach to your new IT product idea? We can make your dream a reality by working you through every stage of the project, leaving no stone unturned. Operate your company without building an IT team!



What we do

We use our expertise to deliver better products and services for our customers

Product design and development

We choose technology your product needs to fly

Cloud integration
is our DNA

We work with Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud and we love it

Dedicated hosting infrastructure

Sometimes things need to be super fast then we design your stack

Performance and
application scaling

Finding bottlenecks in app design, infrastructure and code

Product evaluation
and consulting

Gain some perspective on what is happening in your product

Infrastructure maintenance
and monitoring

Everything have to work 24/7/365 and we are fanatical about it

We are proud of our customers success!

Most companies use their customers' testimonials to build their credibility. However, we’d instead focus on our customer’s successes. One of our most outstanding achievements in which we take immense pride is We have been working with from the beginning making sure everything we do is a valuable contribution to their success.

Clutch Top 50 startups United States Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies



We are looking for all sorts of IT Ninjas: back-end developers, front-end developers, PMs, UI/UX,
devops, system architects, automated tests gurus, graphic designers and product managers.
If you are one such an individual don't hesitate! Just tell us in a few words what you do and we will get back to you.

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About us

With the ever-changing landscape of design and programming languages, we ensure our clients operate from a proactive position rather than a reactive one. Meant4 is founded on the principle of working seamlessly with our clients to plan, visualize, and build a narrative.

Meant4 is a top tech startup in the United States interested in changing the world of technology, profoundly searching for better ways to solve problems. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and monitoring new IT solutions to meet our customer’s requirements.

The technological expertise of our team of software engineers allows us to bring the forefront of information technology to our clients. Meant4 was established in 2006 with a team of professionals based in Poland. However, we have felt the need to hire remote workers worldwide, so we are not limited to talents in Warsaw, Poland.

We have a team of experts that can tackle projects with the most challenging problems—applying technologies intelligently. Meant4 team outranks larger teams from competing organizations.

At Meant4, we provide a 360 service from the architecture of information through design, software development, infrastructure setup, and support. We have been on the market since the date of establishment, delivering solutions to customers worldwide.

Over the years, we have developed internal processes that allow us to work with customers across the globe. With the company’s growth, we have expanded our market reach globally, working with companies in Europe, the United States, and Africa.

We are focused on constantly improving the quality of delivered products and services and improving all areas of our operations. We have designed an employee bonus program that ensures our employees are continually improving their knowledge. As we know, knowledge gathering is the key to every successful IT company, and they have been coming up with mind-blowing results.

When we need speed and scalability, we use Golang. Talking about Frontend, we believe Vue is where great power collides with simplicity. When we don’t feel like reinventing the wheel, we choose GCP and AWS for housing our products. Docker makes our agile approach a reality. Drupal was our main focus at the beginning of our operations, so PHP and Javascript are embedded in every project we have ever worked on, both old and new. Hugo is our latest choice for creating projects as we believe it to be a more potent tool that is widely used in server-less environments.